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About bacan

bacan Guaro is the sophisticated creation of Colombian entrepreneur and media personality Diana March, in partnership with her Italian husband and brand architect, Ricardo. This award-winning, super-premium, kosher-certified aguardiente is a harmonious blend of meticulously sourced organic ingredients from South America and Europe. Subtly blended Spanish anise adds a touch of European elegance when combined with the sugarcane. 

The result is a contemporary take on this classically Colombian spirit, available in two strengths: 24% and 29% ABV.

On a mission to revolutionize the conventional aguardiente experience, the brand was created to commemorate life’s moments with authenticity and style. For those new to the world of guaro, bacan presents itself as an exciting, versatile, and refreshing newcomer. At the same time, seasoned aguardiente enthusiasts will enjoy bacan’s refined profile as an enhanced alternative that honors tradition while embracing innovation.

About bacan

Named ‘Best Guaro’ at the 2023 Ascot Awards, both strengths of bacan were also awarded Platinum medals at the taste competition and a Double Platinum for best branding and design. It also earned a Gold Medal at the 2023 Beverage Tasting Institute and another Gold Medal at the 2023 Sommelier Challenge International Wine & Spirits competition.

Enjoying bacan is easy. Its versatility shines when enjoyed in cocktails, savored over ice, or toasted in celebration. bacan Guaro stands out for those seeking a distinctive drinking experience, seamlessly fusing diverse flavors and cultures.

The founders of bacan Guaro have always been committed to giving back to Colombia. This commitment led them to establish bacan Academy, a social impact initiative in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Their mission is to combat the root causes of school absenteeism and empower agricultural communities through education and vocational training, fostering sustainable development.

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