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“Bacan” is derived from the ancient Roman God Bacchus, known as Bacco in Spanish.  Bacco represents joy, happiness, and merrymaking. “Bacan” translates to something good, a nice person, or an excellent plan. In Spanish-speaking cultures, it is synonymous with “cool” and “awesome.” “Bacano” is a popular slang term in Colombia used to describe cool ideas, objects, and situations.

Sugarcane was introduced to Colombia by Christopher Columbus in 1492. In 1535, Pedro Heredia established sugarcane cultivation in the Valle del Cauca region, which was renowned for its ideal conditions, marking the beginning of aguardiente’s history. Initially reserved for Spanish colonizers, aguardiente’s unique taste gradually gained popularity among indigenous groups, leading to their own clandestine production. Over time, aguardiente surpassed traditional indigenous chicha in popularity, becoming an integral part of Colombian culture.

Aguardiente production involves cultivating sugarcane, processing in sugar mills, fermentation, and distillation. Sugarcane is processed to obtain extra-neutral alcohol to which anise essential oil and water are added. bacan uses a slow and artisanal mixing process, resulting in a smooth and delicious spirit.

Aguardiente holds significant cultural and historical value in Colombia. It is deeply ingrained in Colombian culture and is associated with traditions, celebrations, and social gatherings. Throughout the country’s history, aguardiente has played a pivotal role and is considered a symbol of national pride. In Colombian households, aguardiente is often offered to guests as a sign of hospitality and is considered a staple for celebrations, parties, birthdays, and holidays.

bacan guaro offers versatility in consumption. Enjoy it straight or in enticing mixed drinks and cocktails. It is commonly savored as a shot or a small drink, either chilled or at room temperature. For a refreshing twist, mix it with citrus or tropical juices and serve as a long drink over plenty of ice.

Guaro, also referred to as aguardiente, is Colombia’s national spirit. The term “guaro” stems from early colonial terms for fermented drinks crafted from sugarcane juice. It holds cultural significance and is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in Colombia.

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