bacan: An Inspiration for Art

bacan has served as inspiration for a collection of art that showcases exclusive and remarkable elements of Colombia.

Explore the pieces created exclusively for bacan, which capture its essence through a fusion of vibrant Colombian elements and the spirit of aguardiente.

bacan artwork

bacan art:

Through three oil paintings on canvas, Colombian artist Delvin Vera crafted a series of three oil paintings on canvas that blend nature, luxury, beauty, and the distinctive character of bacan.

Vera’s works pay tribute to the Jaguar, the largest feline in the Americas and the third largest in the world. This majestic animal inhabits jungles in various regions of Colombia, including the Amazon, Orinoquia, Chocó, the Serranía de San Lucas, the western plains, the middle Magdalena, the Andes, and the Caribbean.

In these paintings, the Jaguar symbolizes strength, power, predatory instinct, and the unparalleled beauty that defines it: always elegant, bold, and precise in its hunts.

Colombia is also renowned as a floral paradise, which is why one of the pieces depicts the jaguar is adorned with orchids, the national flower. Alongside nearly 1,400 other species, orchids contribute to making Colombia one of the world’s leading exporters of flowers.

bacan artwork

Vera chose the orchid for its delicate petals, its growth process, the way it blossoms, and its distinct, warm beauty that undoubtedly reflect the essence of  bacan.

Vera replaced the jaguar’s spots with a jewel that represents Colombia’s global reputation, much like bacan does. For this reason, one of the animals is adorned with the coveted Emerald.

Colombia ranks among the world’s top emerald suppliers. This precious gemstone is unique to this part of the world. Famous for its rare deep green hue a shade associated with luxury and exclusivity, akin to the association members share with bacan

Colombia in every sense:

The final bacan artwork is a series paying homage to Colombia and its wealth in natural resources: jungles, seas, flora and fauna, offering a captivating universe to be discovered through these paintings and, of course, with every sip of bacan.

Nature, luxury, beauty and the unique design and flavor of bacan.

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