A Coin for Friendship

bacan Club coin – a golden link between past and present

A coin for friendshipThe origins of our Club bacan coin trace back to a moment in history- an emblem of camaraderie and friendship that resonates with us at bacan today.

By: Richard March.

Over 70 years ago, in the aftermath of World War II, air traffic and airport operations in Europe were in disarray.

Identifying whether approaching planes belonged to allied or enemy countries presented a challenge.

To navigate this post-war chaos, a coin system was introduced. Pilots and crew members carried these coins, enabling safe landings in the various iconic cities across Europe.

These coins not only facilitated airport landings but also helped identify “allied” individuals in different establishments within the cities.

Thus, the coin became a symbol of friendship and shared hope. When military and security forces gathered at a bar, presenting their challenge coin was customary. Those without one were expected to buy a round of drinks for the group.

For decades, these coins stood as symbols of triumph and good times, marking the end of a tumultuous era for the whole world. Today, these coins are cherished by collectors who value history as deeply as we do.

At bacan, we’ve introduced our own special identifier for club members – a coin symbolizing our friendship and shared values.

Being part of Club bacan is about enjoyment and camaraderie. It’s the recognition of friendship. With the coin, you become part of a privileged group that embraces the bacan Life. Additionally, this coin grants you access to exclusive benefits for club members.

In the post-war era, coins were a symbol of honor. For us at bacan, it is a true honor to establish a club that embodies all our values, with its emblem being a golden coin- a token of friendship, reminiscent of the late forties in the bars of Europe.

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